by G. Lathoud, February 2017

flatmat.js is a library of fast linear algebra functions. API description & speed tests below.

2-D matrices are stored flat: as 1-D arrays of numbers. Most code is automatically generated for performance (see flatorize).


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Speed test: matrix multiplication



Comparison with a hand-written loop implementation.



Speed test: matrix inversion



Comparison with an implementation for matrices stored as 2-D arrays.

As of 2017-02-23 2-D arrays had roughly 2 times the speed of the 1-D flatmat implementation (just above). Not good? On the other hand, for matrix multiplication (and xvmxv) 1-D goes ca 5 to 10 times faster. So there is a tradeoff, depending on the type of application.



Comparison with an implementation directly in 1-D.



Speed test: vector-matrix product (x-V)^T * M * (x-V)

Measure the speed of the product (x-V)^T * M * (x-V) where x and V are vectors, and M a square matrix. This is useful when computing the exponent term in a Gaussian probability density function.



Comparison with a hand-written implementation (loops).



Code source

The source files used for the tests. Also browsable on GitHub