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Unsupervised Spectral Subtraction Demo Page

This directory contains an example of the Unsupervised Spectral Subtraction scheme proposed in: "Unsupervised Spectral Subtraction", by G. Lathoud, M. Magimai.-Doss, B. Mesot and H. Bourlard, to appear in Proceedings of ASRU 2005.

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Note: a later version can cope with convolutive channels (telephone).


More details on "apply_uss_to_wav.m"

The idea is to show the original magnitude spectrograms of a given WAV file, then to show how the ( Rayleigh + Shifted Erlang ) distribution is fitted, and finally the filtered magnitude spectrogram.

You can try it on various examples, stored in the DATA directory. The following MATLAB lines can be directly pasted onto a MATLAB interactive command-line.

Note: a strange looking fit in the "clean-NU-1028.streetaddr.wav" case is explained by some artificial data on silences in the waveform, most likely generated by the telephone speech/silence detector. This effect does not appear on all other files, and did not impact on the recognition performance in our experiments
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