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JSCheck is a Javascript syntax checker for the full ECMAScript 3, without any additional style constraint. See it as complementary to JSLint ("simplified Javascript" subset, with style constraints).

Thanks: to Brendan Eich & Mozilla for the original SpiderMonkey Narcissus parser (which I ported to other browsers & engines), to Stefan Weiss for mentionning Narcissus, and to Jerome Wagner for his bug fix.

JSCheck also runs within the Google V8 Engine (e.g. in the unit tests), as do other Narcissus-based tools.

Standard use: globals
/*global a,b,c*/

a = 123;
b = 'foo';
c = { t: 123, z: '765' };

/*global*/d = 456;

/*global*/f = function (x, y) { do_something; };

/*prep -> */   (click the edit button for examples)

/*global*/f = (x, y)->{ do_some; return thing; };
/*global*/g = (x, y)->{ return x + y; }
/*global*/h = (x, y)->x + y; // Shortcut

/*prep tailopt*/ (⇒ production examples)

/*prep ->,tailopt*/ Multiple prep. (order matters)


Line, column:input: <line> or: <line>,<col>
Ctrl + ENTER to check the syntax while editing. Ctrl + DEL to clear the code.

Produced on 2014-08-13 by index.scm - by Guillaume Lathoud (glat _at_ glat _dot_ info)Valid HTML 4.01 Strict

JSCheck, yeah, a JS Check code checker for JavaScript code, well JS. All checked, right?