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Internet Publications

  • numbase,
    Guillaume Lathoud,
    February 2015.
    HTML example, GitHub repository
  • yak.js: JS and JSON united to write dynamic HTML pages,
    Guillaume Lathoud,
    December 2014.
    HTML example, GitHub repository
  • Flatorize: Generate fast, flat, factorized code for mathematical expressions,
    Guillaume Lathoud,
    April 2013, October 2014.
    HTML, Budapest 2014 nodebp/bpjs meetup slides & video.
  • Tail metacomposition (Lightweight mutual tail recursion optimization without trampoline),
    Guillaume Lathoud,
    March 2013.
    HTML, Budapest 2014 mloc.js talk slides, video, both.
  • Position the ramp of a construction site by solving a quartic equation,
    Guillaume Lathoud,
    February 2013.
  • Cheap Runtime Asserts: Soft Type Checking,
    Guillaume Lathoud,
    December 2012.
  • Counting in base 20 using underlined digits,
    Guillaume Lathoud,
    June 2012.
  • derive.js: minimalistic inheritance for ECMAScript 5,
    Guillaume Lathoud,
    March 2012.
  • Tail-call optimization for mutual recursion without trampoline, in Javascript,
    Guillaume Lathoud,
    December 2010.
  • proto.js: minimalistic inheritance for ECMAScript 3,
    Guillaume Lathoud,
    July 2010.
  • JSCheck: a full ECMAScript 3 code checker,
    Guillaume Lathoud,
    March 2010.
    → JSCheck itself: XHTML
    → Underlying cross-engine Narcissus parser: HTML
  • On-the-fly tail call optimization in Javascript without trampoline,
    Guillaume Lathoud,
    January 2010.
  • An individual cacheBust for each dojo build layer,
    Guillaume Lathoud,
    November 2009.
  • Self-closure and mutation: Inheritance for Javascript functions, with a stream application,
    Guillaume Lathoud,
    June 2009.

PhD Thesis


  • Short-Term Spatio-Temporal Clustering Applied to Multiple Moving Speakers,
    Guillaume Lathoud and Jean-Marc Odobez,
    in "IEEE Transactions on Audio, Speech and Language Processing", Vol. 15, Issue 5, July 2007.
  • Sector-Based Detection for Hands-Free Speech Enhancement in Cars,
    Guillaume Lathoud, Julien Bourgeois, and Juergen Freudenberger,
    in "EURASIP Journal on Applied Signal Processing, Special Issue on Advances in Multimicrophone Speech Processing", 2006.
  • Audio-visual probabilistic tracking of multiple speakers in meetings,
    D. Gatica-Perez, G. Lathoud, J.-M. Odobez, and I. McCowan,
    in "IEEE Trans. on Audio, Speech, and Language Processing", accepted for publication, 2006.
  • Automatic Analysis of Multimodal Group Actions in Meetings,
    I. McCowan, D. Gatica-Perez, S. Bengio, G. Lathoud, M. Barnard, and D. Zhang,
    in "IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence", accepted for publication, 2004.

Conferences (selection)

  • Threshold Selection for Unsupervised Detection, with an Application to Microphone Arrays,
    Guillaume Lathoud, Mathew Magimai.-Doss, and Herve Bourlard,
    in "Proceedings of ICASSP 2006", 2006.
  • A Sector-Based, Frequency-Domain Approach to Detection and Localization of Multiple Speakers,
    Guillaume Lathoud and Mathew Magimai.-Doss,
    in "Proceedings of ICASSP 2005", 2005.
  • AV16.3: an Audio-Visual Corpus for Speaker Localization and Tracking,
    Guillaume Lathoud, Jean-Marc Odobez, and Daniel Gatica-Perez,
    in "Proceedings of the 2004 MLMI Workshop, S. Bengio and H. Bourlard Eds, Springer Verlag", 2005.
    PDF, AV16.3 Corpus website
  • Unsupervised Spectral Subtraction for Noise-Robust ASR,
    Guillaume Lathoud, Mathew Magimai.-Doss, Bertrand Mesot, and Herve Bourlard,
    in "Proceedings of the 2005 IEEE ASRU Workshop", 2005.
  • Unsupervised Location-Based Segmentation of Multi-Party Speech,
    Guillaume Lathoud, Iain A. McCowan, and Jean-Marc Odobez,
    in "Proceedings of the 2004 ICASSP-NIST Meeting Recognition Workshop", 2004.

Research Reports (selection)

  • Observations on Multi-Band Asynchrony in Distant Speech Recordings,
    Guillaume Lathoud,
    IDIAP-RR 06-74, 2006.
  • Further Applications of Sector-Based Detection and Short-Term Clustering,
    Guillaume Lathoud,
    IDIAP-RR 06-26, 2006.
  • Channel Normalization for Unsupervised Spectral Subtraction,
    Guillaume Lathoud, Mathew Magimai.-Doss, and Herve Bourlard,
    IDIAP-RR 06-09, 2006.

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